Gig ID#: 968616
Friendly and just a great guy to have at your event! Bobby Smith was very accomodating to our requests. I highly recommend him!!
Belinda M, 12/10/2011, Fundraiser, Tampa, FL


Overall Satisfaction:
Overall Talent: 5
Recommend:5 5

Gig ID#: 852478
Overall Satisfaction:5
Overall Talent:5
Recommend: 5

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You want everything to be a great memory. I can make it happen.

Surprise your parents and loved ones. Hire Bobby for you next anniversary, birthday, or special event party!!!
Huge music library, projector and screen for slide show, programming, all at an affordable price.

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He ranked #1 event DJ in Tampa Bay Area.
He performs what your crowd wants!

Call 727-409-7548 for booking and scheduling info.

Sample 50th anniversary party that Ive experienced and you enjoy it.

Background music for guests arriving. (possibly tickets issued for prizes)

Classical Jazz background for dinner.

Toast for the "guests of honor"

Toast by children or closest relatives to wife and husband

Emcee: this is a celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance,
and tenacity of this couple..

Dance by wife and husband,
(special song sang by me or out of my music library of your choice)

General music (some from the time of marriage, classic rock, country, etc...
(choice of many out of my music library)

Upbeat dance music until end of celebration....
(inc stage and dance floor special lighting effect )

30th Anniversary Party - Client Feedback

What a great night!! Bobby came 2 hours early to set up and make sure everything was set and ready to go. He was very accomodating with our requests and making sure the night went perfect. Great music and such a fun time, everyone really enjoyed him performing and the music he played. Thanks Bobby, you really added a special touch to the party 8/17/12.

Gig ID#: 1198325

Overall Satisfaction: 5
Professionalism: 4
Accommodating: 3
Overall Talent: 2
Recommend: 1

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