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Client Feedback and Customer Ratings

On a scale of 1 to 5 (1=lowest, 5=highest), how would you rate Bobby Smith in terms of their professionalism? 5

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On a scale of 1 to 5 (1=lowest, 5=highest), how accommodating was Bobby Smith in handling special requests for your event? 5

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Radio & Press Reviews

Bobby has gained worldwide recognition for his past CCM music via broadcasters and journalists in over 100 countries in the last 15 years. He now sings pop entertainment music everything from1955 to the present. His song list is on his scheduling page on the player and is increasing all the time. You can hire Bobby at a good price preferably 30 days in advance. Anything from Caribbean steel music at your pool to background music at hotel conventions.

Equipment Inventory

Updated: 7-15-2012

Bobby Smith Inventory Some events require the complete list where most only require a portion of what is listed..(ex: small gig one keyboard and accoustic guitar two speakers) the listed gear will fit most any occasions, weddings, concerts, clubs, halls, etc... You get all that you ask for!!!!!!!

You get all that you ask for ...

Beach and Remote Area (No Power)
300w inverter with deep cycle 650amp
and marine battery


2 korg x5 keyboard
1 yamaha mm8 keyboard
1 takamine g-series accoustic guitar
1 chris robella custom accoustic guitar
1 Crate stratacaster guitar
1 Dean Custom 380 Electric Guitar


2 chavet stage bank pack strobe multicolor lights with controller
1 adj aggressor special effects light dance
1 eliminator e-102 dune special effects light dance
2 par 56 cans/2 par 64 cans
Toshiba DLP projector with large screen
2 Galaxian special effects lights
2 multicolor high power sound active dance lights
Uplighting set of 4 with theme color gels
Ellipticall lights with monogram capability
4 eliminator flashing dance lights
SHIMP DL-55C Multi Lazer Beam Projector
12 PAR 56 LED Dance Lights with DMX

Mixer and PA system:

1 makie velpro 14 mixer
2 yamaha s115 1000 watt speaker with horns
2 technical pro subwoofers 2000 watts
1 audio choice 4 channel 100 watt amp
1 behringer 3 way stereo crossover
1 technical pro 2100 watt subwoofer amp
1 peavy 500watt multipurpose amp
1 audio choice 150watt 4ch amp
2 prosing stage monitors
2 prosing bottom cabinets

Effect units and premium sound
clarification modules:

1 sonic maximizer 382i
1 vocalist live
3 harmonizer with effects
1 seinheizer ew100 wireless microphone
1 epiphone 150 watt guitar amp
2 dell latitude laptop computers with wireless keyboard
1 countryman invisible headset mic

Projector and Screen for slide shows or music videos......

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