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Bobby has gained worldwide recognition for his past CCM music via broadcasters and journalists in over 100 countries in the last 15 years. He now sings pop entertainment music everything from1955 to the present. His song list is on his scheduling page on the player and is increasing all the time. You can hire Bobby at a good price preferably 30 days in advance. Anything from Caribbean steel music at your pool to background music at hotel conventions.



Excellent - High quality - Ideal for airplay. NCM Radio Show is on over 310 radio stations worldwide.

10/10 E10+ Bobby you should have a hit with this one.
Dennis Payne DJ Hot FM Son FM 106.7 SON FM88 Australia Sonrayasia

10/10 Excellent
Kurt Gabriel DJ Radio Theben, EMCA Radio Austria, Slovakia

Should do well for Bobby
Barry Dixon Journalist Now Dig This Magazine United Kingdom

Quite nice good vocals
J.W. Brookfield Journalist Pathfinder Magazine United Kingdom

Rather catchy
Kenneth Elliott DJ Radio West Sound Radio South West Sound Scotland

Very good
Jackie Blair Journalist Country And Dance Magazine CMR Nashville Scotland

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